Crappy Lovely is the trance-obsessed granddaughter of shabby-chic. Literally, Crappy Lovely is Rachael Duval's manifestations as a future granny bundled up in the joy of wool and cotton. Stylistically, Crappy Lovely is a stan account dedicated to all of Rachael's teenage-dream girls, and her inspiration always starts with music. Balearic bass and Pure Trance CDs and reblogging old pics of her fav Visual-Kei bands. She's an Island gal, isolated and daydreamy. She's a reggaetoñera and dancehall gal. She's an Auckland City gal (rap and emo), also isolated and daydreamy. Her homes are Krd and Kaitoki beach but she yearns... Tokyo... Ibiza... Kingston. She just wanna be comfy and cosy and cool and slutty and hot and CUTE. She froths all natural materials that can stand the test of club sweat and surf. She values all things made on island time and injected with lots of love xoxo. The only thing fast is her BPM <3 Despite all the "she and her's" Crappy Lovely is made for everyone who can feel her spirit ;)