Bǎo bèi {宝贝 } Noun.

Treasured, precious, loved

Baobei is about being authentic (loving who you are and how you may show that aesthetically), knowing how to play (being in touch with our inner child) and fostering a community (believing that energy is passed between all of us).

Our pieces are handmade pieces that are designed to be that special item you keep forever or pass onto your Baobei. Wear your Baobei as an extension of yourself - whatever it means to you, I wish that it makes you feel wonderful.

As I have learnt to appreciate and fall in love with my culture and upbringing, I wanted to reinvent my story (and theirs) by using deadstock beads from their shop and creating beautiful jewellery. Since then, I have used up majority of the dead stock beads and have brought my designs to life with New Zealand sourced beads.