“Gatekeeper brands may have some established clout but no one can compete with the cultural capital of the youth. Might fuck around and spend my bond money on some gloves”
Angels Rhapsody
Sabotage MFG opened on a Friday night on the first of July. The beginning of Cancer season, the mood; chaotic, sexy and chic. Auckland’s darlings were spilling out of the obscured Karangahape Road studio. The objective wasn’t just to cop a coveted item of clothing, it was to be seen inside or in a photograph. Stocking New Zealand's hottest young vanguard of designers Alice Langbrown, 24 by ALI, Catherine Boddy, Crappy Lovely, Emma Jing, Polly Properlean, RGK and Simpponey, Sabotage democratises the fashion scene. It’s a collaboration, a realm that caters to an aesthetic that the youth have been refining for years. It’s an intersection of art and fashion, who were never really separate entities to begin with. It’s a gallery, a store, a place you drag yourself the day after the party to drink a mimosa.
The Sabotage girl always has a lighter for you, she’s the grain on your camera from the abject selfie you took last night, she’s fashionably late, she’s the smudge of your eye makeup and the last one at the party.
My legwarmers are Crappy Lovely, my gloves are Catherine Boddy, my top is RGK, my tights are Lei Lei, and my pants? Polly Properlean. I'm drinking? A mimosa, my vape? Caliburn… My vibe? Unparalleled.

Romily Plourde Marbrook